Patience is a virtue (that i do not posses)

So, I was walking around the downtown of my hometown, thinking about green nail polish, and how strongly I feel about it. And then, what appear before me but a walgreens! (or maybe I walked two blocks out of my way to find it… Anyways! Haha) of course I found myself in the nail polish aisle, where what would be happening other than a sale of sinful colors! And what kind of nail polish addict would I be if I didn’t snatch some up right there and then! And then of course pick up some sally Hansen just to round it out! And as this post from the comfort of my iPhone may suggest, I am impatient and swatches them right here on San Francisco public transportation! So here are the three beauties in my mini drug store haul! From left to right: sinful colors show me the way, sinful colors nail junkie, Sally hansen gunmetal.


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November 21, 2010 · 10:25 pm

One response to “Patience is a virtue (that i do not posses)

  1. Skylar

    You’re making me want to buy nail polish like, now, Frida.

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