Winter break!

Being the smartypants that I am, I failed to take my camera with me on break. however, much has happened! I got a bunch of new polishes shipped to me, so the moment I get back (or sooner if I manage to steal my mother’s camera!) I will do a haul post for all of you! in the meantime,  I’ll show you some terrible pictures of a polish that I borrowed from ma BFFFL (best friend forever for LIFE) over thanksgiving and thought were too terrible to post. But now they are all that I have on hand! so there that is. Here are some pictures of Rescue Beauty Lounge “Recycle”

If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know how I feel about green cremes. the problem is that this particular green creme came while I was still all about the grey cremes. Poor Recycle. I do remember thinking that it was very blue-ish, as in it’s a forest green with a teal base rather than a pure blue or yellowish one.  If you’re paying this much for a polish, the application better be great, and this one certainly lives up to the expectations! However, as I’m typing this I’m looking down at my nails (no, I never learned how to type without looking) and they have my new Misa, “Dirty, Sexy, Money” and I’m much more enthralled and inspired by this color than by the fairly unoriginal (but as per the brand’s reputation expertly executed) forest green creme.

merry christmahannakwanzikah!

oh yeah, and happy birthday to me!




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  1. Skylar

    I love Dirty, Sexy, Money. So much!

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