Happy New Years! (time to kill your eyes with glitter)

Happy New
! This has been a great year! so… to celebrate I
am going to deliver the death of all my readers eyes in glitter
form. Here it is: Eyeko “Chi Chi Polish” with China Glaze “Solar
Flare” (my new favorite nail polish, BY THE WAY) on top of it.
“Chi Chi Polish” is
tiny (but not micro, think the width of a pin) robust dusty pale pink
glitter in a slightly murky pinkish beige sheer base. I wanted so
badly to be overwhelmed with love for this polish, but found myself
liking a close dupe (Milani Disco Lights) which i got for my best
friend better. The description of the base as murky is not an
exaggeration, sadly. It makes it so that it’s opaque, but I t also
makes it less sparkly and exciting. I also found myself suffering
from gaping bald spots, which aren’t noticeable while doing the
polish (I have no idea why. maybe my eyes just don’t work). So
wholly, I am underwhelmed and will swap this polish away at the
next possible chance. China Glaze “Solar Flare,” on the other hand,
is right up my short and well lighted alley. It’s HUGE HEXAGONAL
GOLDEN GLITTER. yes, let me repeat that. HUGE. HEXAGONAL. GOLDEN.
GLITTER. I will probably post a picture heavy post with pictures of
this topcoat on top of EVERY NAIL
IN EXISTENCE because that’s what I’ve been putting
it on. It makes anything look classy and festive. not so much this
manicure, since its new years and therefore by definition not
classy (lets just say that my dress has less dress than sequins,
and less sequins than skin), but it’s still fun and exciting,
without being overwhelming! it’s my new love, and may be the second
polish in my collection that I need to buy a backup for. Because
honestly, these beautiful flakes of golden glitter are the loves of
my life. However, like most polishes of this sort, the glitters
drag towards the end of your nail, and require placement. They’re
also hell if they hang off your nail or cuticle, even a widdle bit.
Also, when it comes to removal they become fortresses of unmovable
nail polish, acting like impenetrable hats for the nail polish that
you want to remove. (I just imagined all my nail polishes with
little golden party hats, BY THE WAY) But the positives so far
outweigh the negatives that its silly not to love it with all my
heart and soul. oh! and i have the best best friend on earth. Miss
amazingest amazing ever got me… PERPLEX! yes, Perplex. In in all
its glory (and it has a lot of glory, if I may say so myself). I
will post pictures soon, so that others can share in my “can’t stop
staring at my nails because nothing else on earth could measure up”
joy. OH yeah! and she’s the double best because she gave me Orly
“Space Cadet” as well, which makes me feel like Ke$ha. And who the
hell doesn’t want to feel like Ke$ha every once in a while? I
mean… you get to wake up in the morning and feel like P-Diddy. I
secretly love Ke$ha so much. Happy New Year! Love, Frida


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