OPI Absolutely Alice (A.K.A. OMG AUGHmmmmhmmm yeah)

There is no getting around it, this nail polish is fantastically life changingly beautiful. I can’t even handle it! The thing that makes “Absolutely Alice” so wonderful is that it is not just glitter. Well, it is just glitter, but it’s so beautiful that it doesn’t seem like it. It seems like this beautiful top coat on top of beautifully shimmery nail polish. Lets get down into it. It’s bright but still wearable blue based blue and gold glitter. The gold glitter is interspersed with just enough rarity that it gives the impression of floating. It has a flatness (in a good way) so that it is not even handle-ably wearable and beautiful and amazing. It’s the kind of nail polish that causes you to get distracted in the middle of class, meetings, writing… of course it is gritty (though not as much as most glitters, a nice coat of Seche fixes that immediately) and chips quite easily (though it does not perform the surprise WHOLE FINGER DISSAPEARING thing that the burlesque polishes from OPI do.) but it’s so worth it. Enough! On to the pictures:





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