OPI “Rose Petals” (A.K.A. my new obsession)

Starting the week (on a Wednesday) with my completely underwhelming new curiosity in the nail polish world: MANNEQUIN HANDS! I don’t know why (possibly it’s the winter blah’s, evidenced by my disintegration into jeans and t-shirts every day.) but the idea of long, monochrome fingers is really appealing to me right now. I just ordered OPI’s “San Tan-Tonio” from the new Texas Collection, which seems like a darker mannequin hands variation. But this OPI, “Rose Petals” is a weenie to put on, sheer and thick and weird, but looks so puuuuuuuurdy.

It’s a beautiful nudey pink,  that gives me major mannequin hands.

Which would generally be a bad thing, but considering the situation of my life right now is NOT A BAD THING AT ALL.

I do def have some VNL, and it is super duper prone to bald spots.

I think that this was originally my mother’s. I may have stolen it from her.

Okay, on to the pictures of this tan with pink notes jelly:

Have a happy Hump Day!




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One response to “OPI “Rose Petals” (A.K.A. my new obsession)

  1. This is a very pretty color. Your nails look fab!

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