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Milani “Pink Hottie” (A.K.A. pink pink pinky pink)

Hey all! I hope that you had a great weekend! I just got back from break in my hometown of San Francisco and am now back in the middle of nowhere, but its snowy, so it’s okay!

Today I’m going to show you guys the nail polish that matches my hair! (just a streak of my hair, but it still counts.) it also matches my iphone case! my boyfriend said that I looked like “hipster Barbie” which is a little bit of an oxymoron, but I think I was flattered?

Well, to the nail polish! it’s a pretty averagely amazing neon pink. it is bright and sassy, without being too crazy. It dries to a really satiny finish, which is unacceptable for me (either be matte or bling it up, is my motto.), so it definitely needed a topcoat. Surprisingly, it goes with quite a lot! it’s not clashy, and is almost understatedly neon on the nails, if that makes sense! To the pictureses!

(trying to show it with different backgrounds, because I’m really picky about pinks, and I feel the necessity to know what they will look like in different environments)

And now, just for kicks, check out my color coordinated life!

Have a good tuesday, all!




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Color Club “Vintage Couture” A.K.A. 50’s Barbie Pink

I bought this nail polish on a whim, but I was surprised that I loved it so much! It’s one of them from my haul yesterday! It’s the only pastel that I’ve found that is satisfactorily opaque! HOWEVER that isn’t really saying that much, seeing as pastels are RIDONCULOUSLY hard to work with! How does that happen? Oh well. Even with this amazingly opaque polish there were still little sheer spots (like you can see on my middle finger, near the cuticle).

But onto the color!

This color makes me feel like ballerina Barbie. It’s a pastel pink, without being out of control pale. It still has that glint of passionate pink in it! It’s not boring at all. It’s called “Vintage Couture” and I can feel the vintage vibe, but not so much the couture. When I wear this with my pink polka dot circle skirt I feel like a 15 year old in the fifties. Which I love. But it’s far more of a fun color than a classy color. It make me feel young, not experienced. Point is, I love it!

Here are the pictures:


Love, Frida


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