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OPI “Rose Petals” (A.K.A. my new obsession)

Starting the week (on a Wednesday) with my completely underwhelming new curiosity in the nail polish world: MANNEQUIN HANDS! I don’t know why (possibly it’s the winter blah’s, evidenced by my disintegration into jeans and t-shirts every day.) but the idea of long, monochrome fingers is really appealing to me right now. I just ordered OPI’s “San Tan-Tonio” from the new Texas Collection, which seems like a darker mannequin hands variation. But this OPI, “Rose Petals” is a weenie to put on, sheer and thick and weird, but looks so puuuuuuuurdy.

It’s a beautiful nudey pink,  that gives me major mannequin hands.

Which would generally be a bad thing, but considering the situation of my life right now is NOT A BAD THING AT ALL.

I do def have some VNL, and it is super duper prone to bald spots.

I think that this was originally my mother’s. I may have stolen it from her.

Okay, on to the pictures of this tan with pink notes jelly:

Have a happy Hump Day!




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Color Club “Vintage Couture” A.K.A. 50’s Barbie Pink

I bought this nail polish on a whim, but I was surprised that I loved it so much! It’s one of them from my haul yesterday! It’s the only pastel that I’ve found that is satisfactorily opaque! HOWEVER that isn’t really saying that much, seeing as pastels are RIDONCULOUSLY hard to work with! How does that happen? Oh well. Even with this amazingly opaque polish there were still little sheer spots (like you can see on my middle finger, near the cuticle).

But onto the color!

This color makes me feel like ballerina Barbie. It’s a pastel pink, without being out of control pale. It still has that glint of passionate pink in it! It’s not boring at all. It’s called “Vintage Couture” and I can feel the vintage vibe, but not so much the couture. When I wear this with my pink polka dot circle skirt I feel like a 15 year old in the fifties. Which I love. But it’s far more of a fun color than a classy color. It make me feel young, not experienced. Point is, I love it!

Here are the pictures:


Love, Frida


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The Princess Project Pt.1

I wanted to start this off with as much of  bang as possible, so i’m going to be doing manicures inspired by the…


these are the first two, Cinderella and Aurora (sleeping beauty)

i used just about the cheapest possible nail polish ever, which is fun, because i can buy LOTS OF IT!!!!!!

heres the first one, didn’t turn out exactly like i wanted it to, but i like it.  its 3 coats of confetti “dreamdate” and then a trillion (AKA 4) coats of confetti “Pink Confetti”

then i put matte about you on top, because a)thats what i do. and b) because she’s one of the most demure of the disney princesses. the formula on these, by the way, is so bad that it makes me cry a little.

yes, that bad.

moving on…


this was originally a dissapoinment, since if you see the bottle color it looks like a super cool 80’s electric blue glitter. BUT IT ISNT. so i just kept applying it till this beauty appeared:

isn’t it pretty!!!!! it reminds me of cinderella’s dress at the end. SO PRETTY! i cant stop looking at it. and its chock full of little silver holo glitter. LOVE. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE.

heres a picture of it all blurry so that you can see some of the pretty little glitters.

and heres the bottle. SO DISSSSSAPOINTING! but then not… because its so pretty.

i love it! it’s called “Party palace blue”

more princesses to come!



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